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Author Testimonials

“I applaud Dynamic Ideas' philosophy, which is nicely aligned with the educational, research, and compensation interests of academic authors. This is in stark contrast to standard publishing houses, whose interests are often misaligned with those of academic authors.”

Robert M. Freund
Deputy Dean and Theresa Seley Professor in Management Science
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

“My first publishing experience with a traditional commercial educational publisher opened my eyes. So, when I was selecting a publisher for my second book, I knew what to look for and my priorities were clear: I was seeking the highest print quality, substantial authorship control, an efficient manuscript-to-bookstore process, broad distribution, and market pricing restraint with fair profit sharing. Dynamic Ideas delivered on all dimensions: we published a two-color hardcover book where I had full control in content, exposition, and layout with a manuscript-to-bookstore leadtime under two months. Distribution has been flawless using both physical and electronic channels with increasing marketing promotion. Compared to the traditional publisher, I have a higher quality product selling for half the price with double the benefits and far fewer headaches and constraints! Only a publisher run by an academic researcher who has written textbooks himself can understand, and align with, the needs of the author and turn publishing into a true win-win partnership. In my benchmarking experience, no other publisher comes even close to Dynamic Ideas. I couldn't be more pleased with my choice!”

Jan A. Van Mieghem
Chair, Department of Managerial Economics and Decision Sciences
Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University

“As a co-author or co-editor of eight books, I have worked with several major Presses over the years. During the Fall of 2006 my co-author, Professor Richard C. Larson and I worked closely with Dynamic Ideas, while preparing the recent version of our book Urban Operations Research (Dynamic Ideas, 2007). This was by far the best experience I have ever had with a publisher. Instead of an impersonal organization and a revolving cast of editors and staff, one gets to interact with friendly and knowledgeable people who fully understand the priorities and constraints of academics, being themselves members of the university community. The processing of our copy was a model of efficiency and the turnaround times until final publication truly impressive. Last, but definitely not least, the royalty terms -- at least in our case -- were far better than the ones the “big guys” offer. In short, the business model of Dynamic Ideas is to treat the publication of a book as a partnership with its authors, not as a mere profit-seeking venture.”

Amedeo Odoni
T. Wilson Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics
and of Civil and Environmental Engineering, MIT

“Dynamic Ideas is a great company to publish a book with. They make the process totally painless and you get a much higher royalty share.”

Wayne Winston
Professor of Decision Sciences and Eli Lilly Faculty Fellow
Indiana University

“We recently published two books with Dynamic Ideas. My experience in dealing with Dynamic Ideas has been nothing but very pleasant. When we were looking for a good publisher to publish our books, I submitted to them the outline of the books and some sample chapters. While other publishers take several months to take a decision, Dynamic Ideas took the decision to publish them in a couple of weeks. We signed a simple agreement. The royalty they gave was much more than what others were offering. The printing process was very smooth. They have excellent printers. I am also satisfied by their sales and marketing effort. They are very approachable and give personal attention to authors, which is rather difficult to get from a large publisher. If I ever publish another book in the area, they will be the ones publishing it!”

Ravindra K. Ahuja
University of Florida & Innovative Scheduling