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Proposal Submissions

Dynamic Ideas welcomes authors to submit a proposal for consideration for publication. Proposals should include the following:

Proposal Details

  1. Proposed Title of Book
  2. Summary of Book – provide a brief (2-3 page) introduction and overview of the book; tell us what the book is about; define the scope of the book
  3. Philosophy of the Book - What is your educational philosophy for the book? How does it follow our mission of “educating the next generation?”
  4. Distinguishing Characteristics - What are the special features of your book that will distinguish it from others in the same area? What makes your book special? Why is your book unique?
  5. Does your book have competitors? If yes, list the names of well-known published books similar to this one.
  6. Chapters –provide a two to three paragraph synopsis outlining the topics covered in each chapter of the book, include titles for all chapters of the book
  7. Sample Chapter – send a sample of a chapter to demonstrate your writing style
  8. Audience – describe the attended audience for the book; describe the courses the book will target (UG, G, MBA). What type of schools offer this course? Is it a primary textbook? A supplemental textbook? Can sections of your book be used for courses?
  9. What is the projected length of the book?
  10. Will the book have any graphics? Illustrations? Charts? Other?
  11. Your timetable – when do you plan to publish? What stage are you in the writing process?
  12. Will you provide ancillary material for the book (i.e., instructor resources, solution manuals, Powerpoint slides, website)?
  13. Author information - Why are you the best qualified person to write this book? Are you an expert in the field? Provide a detailed biography. Include an outline of any personal or professional information relevant to this publication (previous books, related teaching/research).

Author(s) Contact Information

  • Name
  • Position
  • Department
  • University
  • Address
  • City State Zip
  • Telephone number
  • Fax number
  • Website Address
  • E-mail address

Proposal Submission

Proposals should be submitted to

Dynamic Ideas,
ATTN: Proposal Submissions,
PO Box 290577,
Charlestown, MA 02129.

Questions should be directed to