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Book Adoptions

The key objective of the titles that Dynamic Ideas carries is to "educate the next generation." This is a serious responsibility and Dynamic Ideas treats it with the dedication it deserves.

Many of Dynamic Ideas books are currently being used as the main textbook in academic courses on all levels in some of the finest universities and research institutions in the world.

Developing Spreadsheet Based DSS and
Developing Web-Enabled DSS

Both of these books can be used as a textbook for teaching courses at the undergraduate as well as graduate levels in industrial engineering, operations research, and business departments. These books can also be used as a self-study guide by practitioners wanting to learn more about operations research and/or information technology. The books’ material is organized in a modular fashion so that instructors can pick and choose certain modules to supplement other courses they teach.

Developing Spreadsheet Based DSS – recently adopted at Bethune-Cookman University for the undergraduate course “Decisions Support Systems” and at the Naval Postgraduate School for the course “Spreadsheet Modeling.” Developing Web Enabled DSS – recently adopted for the graduate course” Information Systems Engineering” at the Arizona State University. Many other universities have adopted the book as their main textbook.

Operations Strategy

This book is written with a specific focus on MBA and engineering management students, and on their instructors.  While the book naturally follows a core course in operations and supply chain management and adopts basic financial evaluation, all concepts are explained "from scratch" to make the book accessible to every business or engineering management student. The book could also be of interest to consultants and practitioners as a reference for concepts, principles, and tools.

The book was recently adopted at University of Chicago for the course “Operations Strategy and Performance Analysis." In addition, the University of Leuven in Belgium and the University of Texas have recently adopted Operations Strategy as the textbook for their courses. 

Urban Operations Research

This book is primarily used at the graduate level, both SM and PhD. In addition, chapters of the book are useable as stand-alone units and can be used by Instructors to supplement their course materials. This book could also serve as avaluable reference for experienced OR practitioners. This book is currently being used as the textbook at MIT in the doctoral course “Logistical and Transportation Methods” and was recently adopted at the University of Toronto's Department of Civil Engineering for the graduate course, “Urban Operations Research.”

Data, Models and Decisions: The Fundamentals of Management Science

This book is geared primarily towards MBA students; however, there has been a steady increase of adoptions for both undergraduate and graduate courses, within the US. A number of universities internationally, China and Korea, to name a few, are using the book for their Executive Programs. The MIT Sloan School of Management’s core course, “Data, Models and Decisions” uses this as their textbook. Among other universities are Harvard Business School, Suffolk University, Texas A&M, McGill, University of Chicago, Stanford University and Baruch, along with many others that are using the book in both core and elective classes.

Optimization Over Integers

This book is geared primarily for graduate students at the doctoral level as well as researchers in discrete optimization. Several universities have adopted the book for their doctoral class offering in discrete optimization as their main text: MIT, University of Magdeburg in Germany, University of California/Davis, University of Eindhoven, University of Waterloo among others.

Introduction to Linear Optimization

This book is geared primarily for graduate students at the masters and doctoral level in linear optimization. Over thirty universities have adopted the book as the main text : MIT, Stanford University, University of Texas at Austin, University of Waterloo, Lehigh, University of Colorado, University of Michigan, among many others.