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—by mail, fax, email, telephone, through the WWW using our secure server, or through your local or WWW bookstore. If you are not completely satisfied, you may return any book in saleable condition, within 30 days for a full refund.

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You may order in several different ways:

Directly from Dynamic Ideas using our secure server, by completing and submitting the electronic order form available (click on the Order Form button), or faxing or mailing the order form which may be printed using the print function of your browser (or the "Print" button on the form).

Please note:

  • Ordering directly from us is generally the cheapest and fastest method, and includes expedited and international shipping options.
  • All orders are acknowledged by email and shipped by the next business day.

Through your local bookstore. Give to their service desk the book information from the printable order form that you can copy from below (click on the Order Form button).

Note for international customers: We offer international shipping by USPS Airmail, and Courier Service (UPS). Courier shipments are fast and traceable, but are subject to local and import taxes upon delivery, for which Dynamic Ideas is not responsible. Please check with your local UPS office for the import tax rules in your location. A local tax is less likely for USPS airmail shipments.

Special Orders for Courses Outside of North America: Please contact us for special shipping, discount, and other arrangements for courses in universities outside of North of America.

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