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About Dynamic Ideas, LLC


Dynamic Ideas mission is to publish scientific books that have quality and
originality in the areas of Applied Mathematics, Operations Research and
their applications. Dynamic Ideas aspires to publish books that will
make a difference in the education of the next generation.


The philosophy and principles of Dynamic Ideas are:

  1. The writing of scientific books is a labor of love. The authors are
    dedicated individuals grounded in research and education, who write books
    to make a difference on topics they love. Dynamic Ideas has the outmost
    respect for its authors and is proud to be associated with people with
    such values and aspirations.
  2. The key objective of the titles that Dynamic Ideas carries is to educate
    the next generation. This is a serious responsibility and Dynamic Ideas
    treats it with the dedication it deserves. The vast majority of the
    titles that Dynamic Ideas carries have been tested over many years at
    some of the finest universities and research institutions in the world.
  3. Dynamic Ideas evaluates its success by the impact its titles have.
    Impact requires quality and insight: Quality in the pedagogy, in the
    writing and in the physical appearance of the books. Our dedication to
    insight is summarized in what Paul Gray, a former president of the
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology, has said: “In education what really
    matters is not what you cover but what you uncover”.